"Where there is a will and knowledge there is a way. Willing a result does not mean achieving it, however, willing it and knowing how to do it is a guarantee of success"

Alvaro Juárez Yagüe

Graduate in Building Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. My professional experience begins in construction companies that have given me extensive knowledge of the tools and procedures for cost control and planning.

I am currently an entrepreneur and self employeed linked to the building industry, based in Ibiza, where I develop my activity.

The passion for human behavior and communication was what prompted me to create my own company focused on a different service in which the customer is defined as a first priority and effective communication as a vehicle to meet themeet the challenges presented throughout out projects, ensuring the demands of cost, time and quality.

Interest in neuroscience and coaching have improved my skills for creating and motivating teams.

I am fiercely committed to the goal of defending the interests of my clients, helping them understand, decide and implement their projects.

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