Planning Control

Project Management

Contracting, insurance prices and deadlines We became the principal advisor to the customer using our experience in bidding processes, execution and closure.

Construction Management

Maximum investment optimization We delve into the processes to guarantee the Client maximum profitability, turning him into a Developer-Builder.

Site Management

Monitoring, control and quality We guarantee the parameters defined in the project.

Health and safety coordination

Prevention and safety We avoid risks through control processes and personnel.

What makes my service different

The line to achieve the expected result includes clarity in objectives definition, a proper team design, and a constant project progress, readjusting when it is necessary so we can get closer to the expected result, always keeping a way of working:


The truth is always before our interests

Efficient communication

In order to define clear objectives, motivate the work team and work efficiently we must listen, understand and act.

Documentary check

The documentation generated in a project is decisive for the organization of the equipment and the control of the work. I use specific procedures and models to carry out documentation management.


In my work, I avoid the expression "more or less".

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