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Construction Management

Maximum investment optimization
We delve into the processes to guarantee the Client maximum profitability, turning him into a Developer-Builder.

We, essentially, assumes executive responsibility for organisation, coordination and supervision of the contracting and project execution , assuming the client’s representative to all companies and suppliers that will execute the works. They will be be directly contracted by the promoter, managed and coordinated by our team who direct and organise them during the execution works. This is undertaken with the assistance of an onsite technical team .

The client receives the highest control achieving the maximum security of costs and deadlines from the beginning, eliminating contractual risks and earning significant savings by eliminating percentage mark-ups typically applied by general contractors to all its subcontractors/suppliers that actually undertake the work.

It also allows for overlapping of the drafting and design process with the execution of onsite works through separation of “contract packages .

Projects as Construction Manager

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